Blue Schooner
Blue Schooner
Designing, building, and
sailing, the classic gaff
schooner, 'Falcon', from
beginning until she was
sold, 30 years later.
Finding, buying, repairing,
and upgrading, of the 1993
Ford F350 Diesel Dually
pickup truck.
Shopping for, ordering,
with upgrades, and the
conversion of the 30 foot car
hauler/ cargo trailer, into a
travel trailer/toy hauler.
2007 Harley Davidson Dyna,
bought used, upgrading and
modification. A 96 inch 6
speed with low miles.
Travels, on wheels of one
sort of another. I will try to
relate the trips in as
engaging a manner as I can.
Self-published novels
designed to engage and
entertain. Also, some
valuable info other writers
may enjoy.
To some, there are few things
so grueling and uncomfortable
as public exposure. I am one of
those people. Still, it is a part of
the business of writing novels.
Someday I'll either buy a great
'Contact' page, or learn how to
make one. It is a black art, I'm
sure, performed by sinister
people in dark, hooked cloaks.
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